{Travel} Social Media Week LA

So a billion days ago (June) I spent a week in LA for Social Media Week - basically 4 straight days of all things social media - platforms, keynotes, best brand strategies, all of it. It was information overload in the best possible way. There was also a Jonas involved. But not of the Nick or Joe variety so it was honestly kind of forgettable. #sorryKevin


But, in-between all of that, it wouldn't be right if I didn't make time to sweat, eat and drink. And sweat, eat and drink I sure did.

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Moving on.


  • Cafe GratitudeLiterally would have eaten every, single, meal here if I could have. It's all vegan and it's all wonderful. Like my world was rocked. The veggie burger (I Am Magical - add avocado and coconut bacon) with the Sweet Potato Wedges, the Coconut Tostada, the STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE. All of it. 


  • Erewhon Market - No joke, I hyperventilated when I walked inside. (This is not an exaggeration. You guys I really like food and I really like healthy food more.) Image if Whole Foods had a trendy, vegan, organic, paleo, grass-fed, wild, insert-buzz-word-here baby. That's what I was dealing with. There's prepared food, there's a hot/cold bar, salad bar, soups, ITS EVERYTHING.


  • Butcher's DaughterA must hit for the Spicy Kale Caesar and the GF croutons. I love their breakfast too. I love everything about the ambiance and the space.
  • Gracias Madre- To note: GM in SF is not equal to GM in LA. At all. It's a beautiful, bright, open, airy space with delicious cocktails and food. We split the enchiladas and a salad (and like, 17 baskets of chips and guac and salsa). And margaritas. (Which we certainly did not split.)
  • SweetgreenI've waxed poetically about Sweetgreen before and while yes, it's salad, it's really good, and it's not crazy expensive.
  • Kye's Montana- One of my close friends, Megan, is my sweat/food/life spirit animal (human), and has never steered me wrong in... anything. Literally most/all of these recommendations are from her. She told me to go to Kye's for lunch, so I went to Kye's for lunch. I got the Macro (Salmon, Veggies, Avocado, Rice, Lettuce wrapped in Nori, topped with Tamari) and it was essentially like eating the most massive sushi roll ever. That was also the most delicious. 


  • Beaming Cafe- There are very few "juice bar-esque" places I don't immediately fall in love with. Beaming tops the list. The Acai Bowl is amazing. The Overnight Oats are decadent. The smoothies are fantastic. The grab-and-go selections are perfect. The space itself is wonderful. OPEN IN SF IMMEDIATELY.


  • SugarfishThe best sushi in the ENTIRE WORLD. Order the Trust Me. With an extra Tuna Hand Roll. And a bottle of wine. Trust me.
  • Juice Served HerePopped in after a hot yoga class to inhale a Collard Pepita Pesto Wrap and a Coconut Water. And a Macaroon. Because I need decadence in my life always.
  • Manhattan Beach PostI WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS. We had a late reservation and the staff was beyond accommodating. The biscuits are legendary. The salads are delicious and the entrees are perfect. They've got a great wine list and it's right downtown MB. Just make a reservation and eat here. (Or at the sister restaurant next door, Fishing with Dynamite.)
  • Love and Salt - Fantastic dinner/drinks spot in Manhattan Beach. Get a reservation, this place fills up. Between the pizzas, pasta dishes, whole branzino - everyone was happy. Delicious and a great wine/cocktail list.
  • The Source Cafe Hermosa - looking for all things gluten-free, paleo and/or vegan? Come here. Legit cold brew with homemade almond milk, delicious smoothies, GRAIN-FREE bread with almond butter and bananas and raw honey. So freaking good. I "forced" boyfriend to walk here. Twice. No regrets.




  • Sidecar DonutsI'll be real - I came here for the Stumptown Coffee. But the donuts did look delicious.
  • Alfred- In need of a serious caffeine hit after SoulCycle. They serve Stumptown (wonder what my favorite coffee is?) and it's delicious. Added bonus - the most Instagrammable cups.


  • SoulCycle - Duh. Rode at 3 studios: Culver City (HELLO BEAUTIFUL ROOF DECK), Santa Monica and Brentwood. Gina is my spirt animal and I adore her. Ride with her. Again, just trust me. Or don't, your loss. (Other recs: Lindsay, Todd)
  • YogaWorks - I KNOW. I do yoga now. It's this new thing that I'm really enjoying. Especially after an AM SoulCycle. Went to Main Street Santa Monica and Playa Vista (the studio is like a resort). Take class with Calvin Corzine (I went twice I loved it that much) and Mia Togo.