I'm someone who enjoys a routine. I'll be the first to say that I love my weekends as unstructured as possible, but when I'm all Type-A going about my week? Yeah, I like routine.

I wake up at the same time every weekday morning, I usually have 1 of 3 of the same breakfasts (smoothie, oatmeal, or toast), and get my workout in every day. I aim for 2x Pilates or Yoga and 3x Cardio (it's always SoulCycle so let's just call a spade a spade and start referring to my cardio as SoulCycle).

I always go to the same instructors at said workouts of choice because 1) I like them, their style of teaching and the way they run their classes and 2) boutique fitness is expensive man... I don't want to gamble with my $30+.

Sometimes sticking to your routine is a great thing - it provides a sense of structure and familiarity, it builds good habits, it increases efficiency (I can make a smoothie in like 2 minutes flat at this point) and it takes will-power out of the equation. I don't have to talk myself into a healthy meal or a workout during the week - it just happens. It's habitual.

But sometimes, it's important to stray from routine and to push past it - even if it's just a small step outside the box.

The other night for example, I went to a  SoulCycle class taught by an instructor I'd been to once before, years ago. Frankly trying something or someone new can be a bit of  a crapshoot- Will I like their style? Their personality? Their music? Their method of teaching? Will it be too easy? Too hard?


Then the instructor walked into the room and it was just... presence.

You can't teach that. The guy just had it.

The class was, for lack of a better description, LIT.

I rode my ass off, I tried harder than I've tried in a while, I pushed myself and I listened. 

Sometimes the message in class resonates with me and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes, especially on a Friday night or when I'm tired, I can sell myself short, but make it look like I'm there 110%. Not honestly give it everything I've got, but make it look like I am. I'm pretty sure that's called bullshitting and I'm pretty sure I can do it well at times. (For better or worse.)

That's when the instructor called it out. And I checked myself. (Long before I wrecked myself.) And had this - what the hell? moment. I paid, I showed up, what was I gaining from not going all out?

I walked out of class just... READY. Mostly for a glass of wine and dinner but ready nonetheless.

November is my birthday month and while I'm not one for a month long celebration, it matters to me to be my best self moving into the year ahead. (And getting a head start on actual new year goals - see you in January, suckas.) So I committed to myself in that moment that I'd stop the bullshitting, I'd stop playing small, and I'd start showing up, 100% for myself. 

Had I continued with my routine (that works just fine for me), I may have had that lightbulb moment, and I may not have. And I'd never be any the wiser.

But taking the smallest of steps outside the box showed me something entirely new.

For that, I'll gamble with $30 any day.

Morning Workouts: Breakfast Prep

Since starting this morning workout kick (which has been going strong since last... Wednesday, NBD) I've had to have a bit more foresight in the evenings than I usually would.

By foresight I mean rather than going from dinner to couch to bed there's been some in-between happenings.

I know I'm like really put-together.

So since my morning workout is 6-7am, or ideally 6:30-7:25am like it was this morning (something about not waking up in that 5am hour is just magical) I usually have ~30 minutes or less to get home, get ready, grab breakfast (which I need immediately after exercise) and get out the door.

Sometimes regardless of all that planning you still end up in your Lululemon apparel for the entire day. Bless you yoga pant wearing society, bless you. I think they call that balance? I call it happiness.

So what should we prep to ensure we're ready to get our sweat in first thing, are properly caffeinated, fed, and bathed? 

Today's post talks about my favorite thing in the entire world.


I love mornings. I love morning food even more. Ask anyone. I will go off for multiple minutes about my favorite spot in just about any city to score breakfast (specifically acai bowls but thats a post for another time). Ergo, I take my breakfast prep seriously.

If you have like ~4 minutes you can too.

  • Chia Pudding:

    • Mason Jar. 1/8c chia seeds, 1/4c unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2t vanilla, slice up some strawberries or fruit you have on hand, dash of honey or maple syrup. Let it sit over night and add some Peanut or Almond Butter and a sprinkle of granola the next morning. 


  • Smoothies: 

    • Mason Jar or Shaker Bottle. 1c Almond Milk, couple big handfuls of spinach, 1c frozen berries or a frozen banana, scoop of protein powder of choice (Vega Clean Chocolate Protein is great)
Pro-Tip: This almond milk hack from one of my favorite establishments on the planet, Beaming, will change your life:
The Cheater Almond Milk: 1-2T of organic raw almond butter (Trader Joes or Artisana have a good one) and blend with 1c of water (optional: date, cinnamon vanilla). Use immediately.

Both are obviously to be paired with the largest coffee you can find.

But for real - less than 5 minutes of prep work the night before and when your alarm goes off at that ungodly hour and you're stumbling around your apartment/house (must be nice - do you have a dishwasher too?) blindly trying to find the fridge to gulp down some Cold Brew 2 minutes before you have to leave - at least breakfast is either ready to grab and throw in your bag or ready in inhale the second you walk through the door post-sweat.

And did you know people who workout in the morning are more successful, thinner, richer, win at life, more likely to be best friends with Beyonce?