On Yoga (...and like, life)

You know those days where you're just... conflicted?

You've got a billion things happening and it's just like where do I start?

Me, often.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a long day at work, a long commute home and I still had to :

  • get some type of workout in
  • pack for a weekend away
  • eat dinner/feed myself (um, priority one)
  • get my life in some semblance of order after a busy week
  • do laundry/get quarters

I got off the bus and made it to the gym a few minutes before the last yoga class of the day. I had this, "Do I or don't I?" moment. I could just leave and go home and no one would be the wiser.

Or I could do the hardest part of yoga and just show up and sit down on my mat.

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I went back-and-forth (mentally and physically - I was literally pacing between the locker room and the stairs at Equinox) and finally I just walked into the studio and sat down on my mat.

In the front row.

As a budding-yogi, I'm not entirely comfortable with that. (Big difference between my confidence level in yoga and at SoulCycle I'll tell you that right now.)

The class was a Bhakti Flow class, a method of yoga I'm also not entirely comfortable with. I like my yoga hot, sweaty, fast-paced and of the power variety. 

But I was there. I had shown up and I was on my mat ready to get my down dog on, open my hips and all that ish.

When we started class with the requisite "Om", I was quiet. I barely made a noise. I essentially wanted to curl up and take a nap. I find this happens almost always at the beginning of the class. I'm timid. Quiet. I don't want to participate or I feel like it's weird if I participate. 

Then I start to get into it and by the post-savasana "Om" I'm like the second coming of Adele. 

But I love that about yoga (and subsequently SoulCycle but this is a yoga post) - no one cares. Seriously.

No one cares if you're tired or if your wheel pose isn't perfect or if you have to use a block one day vs another day or if you just want to chill in child's pose the entire class.

Everyone's all like "Do you boo". 

I'm super into that lately. 

So moral of this story? The hardest part is showing up. Always. For just about anything. Seriously think about it; how many times have you had plans and you're just like "I don't want to go to fill-in-the-blank"? Then you suck it up, call your Uber, show up and it ends up being such a great time or you make some new connection or friend and at the end of the event are like, "I'm so glad I went."

Just like yoga. It's good for you. Just show up and sit down on your mat. 

Everything else will fall into place.