Have Your Turkey and Eat It Too

Well, it's the holidays. Officially.

Can I get a YAAAAAAS?

This morning was brought to you by an AM workout at The Bay Club, and a WHOLE LOT of coffee. A WHOLE LOT. Like my entire pot.

I ain't sorry.

We didn't do anything crazy this weekend to warrant said tiredness, but you know how it is first day back from vacation. My alarm may as well have been in the middle of the night. It's SO COLD OUT. (If you live in an actual cold climate just ignore me). We had a lot of family time, a lot of sleep, some sweating, a good amount of eating and drinking... and getting into the season of all things holiday. 

I couldn't be happier.

My parents host Thanksgiving at their house every year so we had a lovely stay-cation out in the 'burbs. I headed out Wednesday to help my mom with cooking, and is it just me, or does all the cooking get a lot more fun as we get older? It also gets way more exhausting so Wednesday night dinner is always take-out pizza (GF crust for moi) and wine.

Turkey day began with a long walk,  more cooking, welcoming Boyfriend and his mom over, wine, lots of great food, great conversation, a Thanksgiving evening viewing of War Dogs with everyone (surprisingly good - I love Miles Teller in anything), and me trying to stay awake through my food coma. 

I had booked a SoulCycle class for Friday morning mainly because my girl Steph was teaching a Survivor (and like hell I'd miss) and because I love a good sweat, whether it's the day after Thanksgiving or a random Tuesday morning. 

1-Minute Rant: By 7am Friday morning I'd already received multiple emails from multiple brands advertising "post-Thanksgiving juice cleanses" and "specials on class packs to burn off that turkey". STOP THE MADNESS, IT'S ONE MEAL. You didn't get in shape or get healthy from one meal. And you won't undo anything with one meal either. I've had weekend food/wine benders last a lot longer than that and no one is offering to help pull me out of it. ENJOY IT.

My family generally eats pretty clean - we do a roast Diestel Turkey, GF Sourdough Stuffing (Bread Srsly is EVERYTHING, no one knew muahaha), my mom's homemade Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Sweet and Regular Potatoes (guess what? you don't actually need to add a stick of butter to either, promise), Green Beans with Toasted Almonds, the Shredded Kale Salad from OhSheGlows (crowd favorite), Gravy (with cornstarch vs white flour to keep it GF) and for dessert? Flourless Chocolate Torte, Minimalist Baker's Creamy Pumpkin Pie Bars and Coconut Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream. Decadent, indulgent, clean.

And like all the Rombauer and Justin Cab you can drink. 

Throughout the long weekend I went on a few long walks with my mom (it's our thing), a couple SoulCycle classes, and spent more time horizontal on the couch, under a blanket by the fire than I have in a looooong time. I freakin' loved it.

Today is hard.

So hard.

But, like Britney Spears in 2007, we will prevail. We've got ~3 weeks until Christmas break, and a shit load of holiday parties in between now and then to navigate, to dress up for, and a whole season of festivities to be on point for.

Whether or not you've had an indulgent weekend, or just want to start the week off right, do it. I kicked my own ass into gear this morning with a 7am workout, a healthy green smoothie and a packed lunch to keep me from dropping $15 on lunch.  I'm planning to get all my Christmas shopping done THIS WEEK (I know), and I'm tryin' not to blow the bank while I do it. (Besides, something has to pay for all those SoulCycle classes that even out my holiday revelry.)

I picked up Amanda Haas' Anti Inflammation Cookbook at Williams Sonoma the other day (she's a genius) and it's a great way to cook if you're feeling "poufy" after Turkey Day, or if you just try to eat clean and avoid gluten like I do. 

The trick is: 1) Cook for yourself between holiday functions and festivities and 2) MOVE every day. Even a walk. I walk every, single day for an hour. Sometimes it's broken up into 4, 15-minute walks. Sometimes it's an hour straight. Just move those legs, get your steps.

That's IT. It's pretty simple. Have your cake/wine/champagne/cookies... and button your jeans come January 2 too.

How was your Thanksgiving?