What's In My Bag - Gym Edition

I'll admit it - I read a lot of Us Weekly. 

Okay FINE, I have a digital subscription. 

Trust me there is no better read on a treadmill than that of celebrity gossip fodder. If something exists, I don't know about it so please fill me in immediately.

One of my favorite part of each Us Weekly is the requisite, "What's In My Bag", where a celebrity "dumps" out the contents of their (absurdly expensive) Chanel bag. Obviously I'm nosy and I want to know exactly what they keep in there and validate myself for keeping my bag cleaner than they do. (It's the little things). 

So I thought I'd do the same - gym bag edition.


Bag: Lululemon All Day Backpack : I use a backpack mainly because it 1) leaves me handsfree to juggle a beverage of choice and/or snacks and 2) it's better for your posture. I like this one because it has a padded pocket for my laptop, and the front pouch zips off to be worn as a mini-cross-body - perfect for travel.

Clothes: I pretty much always have a pair of leggings, a sports bra, a cap and a tank on me at all times. Never know when you need to go for a walk, hit a yoga class or get a quick sweat in. Essential.

Beauty: Sunscreen always (Sunbum is my favorite), Sweat Cosmetics (the best coverage for a class - it's sweat proof and was developed by professional female athletes to help you avoid red-face at all costs), Kiehl's In-Flight Spray (so hydrating and refreshing post-class), La Vanila Natural Deodorant (the only one that actually works and is aluminum free) and Kai body lotion (my favorite scent).

Snacks: Obviously I'm never without a bevvy of snacks - I usually have a bar for emergencies (Rx Bars are currently one of my favorites - simple ingredient list and the Mint Chocolate is seriously decadent), a packet of Almond Butter to eat on it's own or pair with an apple or banana (Barney Butter makes a great single serving so I don't eat half the jar in one sitting), and my ultimate snack - dried mango. I eat a ridiculous amount of dried mango. IT'S SO GOOD.

Contents of the backpack change occasionally but these are the mainstays.

Ideally there'd be more dried mango really.