Oh, hello 2019.

Well, it’s here. Or it’s, been here for a solid week now.

What’s up 2019.

If you look at your social feeds or any digital publication, it appears that 2018 was either 1) terrific or 2) horrible for… just about everyone.

We all ‘can’t wait for 2019’ so we can ‘change everything about ourselves and our lives’.

HA. Screw that.

In any span of 365 days, there are bound to be really high highs, and very low lows.

Good things happen, but bad things happen too.

It’s this thing called life.


2018 was a helluva year in this neck of the woods - Hubs got his Masters Degree in Business Analytics (while working - it was terrible for both of us, 1/10, don’t recommend), I started a new job at an amazing company working in Brand Publishing, we planned our dream wedding and got MARRIED then immediately spent 14 glorious days in Hawaii, and we started house-hunting for a home in San Francisco or Marin (which is less than fun).

See? In one paragraph, the best (Wedding! Honeymoon! New job!) and worst (Masters degree while working full time! House hunting in the most expensive real estate market in the county!) parts of the year.

Honestly though, I wouldn’t change a thing. (Well, maybe the total Type-A psychopath I turned into for 48 hours pre-wedding. Logistics and details man. They’re a b*tch.)

That said, a new year is a fresh start. So rather than change everything, here are things I resolve to do.


There’s not much I’d like to change (except for the WE ARE CURRENTLY DOG-LESS part), but rather things I’d like to maintain and keep going.

  1. Maintain My Walking + Yoga Practice. I walked A LOT in 2018, My goal for 2019 is to keep walking all year long but also add in 1-2x runs a week in the interest of time on weekdays and also to challenge my cardiovascular endurance and hit that runner’s high. Leading up to the wedding, I practiced yoga a couple times a week and it helped me calm the f*ck down, destress, and get some of my crazy out. I’m a (very) tightly wound individual and a bit of a perfectionist (by bit I mean TOTAL) and a hot, sweaty yoga class 2x a week helps me chill. I have a very hard time sitting still, so if I can move, while finding stillness? All the better.

  2. Close On A New Home. We started house/flat/condo hunting at the end of 2018 and put in an offer (at asking) on a ridiculous condo we fell in love with, only to have it shopped around, countered, and then rejected when we wouldn’t budge on a parking spot (um, sorry it’s a non-negotiable). To more inventory, absurdly high prices, and finally closing on a home in 2019!

  3. Get. Dog. Does this need an explanation? The second we close on a home, we pick up the pooch.

  4. Travel + Explore. Hubs and I love to travel, and we’re lucky to work for a company that allows us unlimited vacation and two company wide shutdowns a year. I want to keep traveling to new (and return) destinations, and keep exploring California as much as we can with vacations, weekend jaunts or spontaneous day trips.

  5. Keep It Simple. When it comes to everything. I’ve gotten better at not overcomplicating every last thing, simplifying my food/recipes, my wardrobe, and our apartment (total purge recently and it feels so good). Rather than set lofty goals that aren’t realistic for example, we’ve resolved to cook one new recipe a week. It feels attainable and bonus, that means leftovers the next night. Done and done.


***Bonus Resolutions: Drink the good wine, light the pricey candles, wear the fancy clothes. Because life’s too short to save things for special occasions.

What are you resolving to do this year?