On Marriage

Hey folks, been a while. In the spirit of full transparency the last month or two has been a total whirlwind.


We got married.

We went on a two-week honeymoon to Hawaii.


We got back. Re-entered reality/society/work.

And now I feel like things are finally slowing down (a little/temporarily before the holidays).

I want to post more - and just kind of ramble and babble on.

Kind of like an online journal? A couple times a week. That cool? Guess what, if it’s not, just click that cute little red circle at the top left corner of your browser. This is my website. I am the captain now.

We’ve been married about 6ish weeks. But prior to the big day, had been together for 10+ years. It’s funny because everyone tells you, “Nothing changes, but everything changes.” I had my own views on that (read: I disagreed that anything would change at all), but then the wedding and the wedding weekend happened.

And I totally get it now.

It’s like nothing tangible changes.

Life goes on as usual.


We still live in the world’s tiniest (but rent-controlled!) apartment.

We still go about our routines.

I still wake up absurdly early to walk every day.

We still hand wash dishes every single night (and morning and afternoon…)

We aren’t Lottery or PowerBall winners.

We still don’t have a dog.

But there’s this ‘feeling’ that changed.

It’s hard to describe it and I didn’t fully understand it until we went through it last month.


It’s this feeling of contentment, of being “in it” together that I don’t think I fully grasped until we said our vows in front of all of our closest family and friends. It’s this notion of solidity. It’s this feeling of longevity that even dating for 10+ years didn’t afford us. It’s the mutual decision to enter into that lifelong commitment that changes things. For the (way, way, way) better.

Like I look at him and it’s like this entire future opens up. Family, house, dog, adventures, LIFE.

Well, wow. That got deep.

TL/DR? Marriage is awesome. I’ve loved every second of every day of it and I’m looking forward to the next 100 years of it (since you know we’re living to 130+ years old.)

And I’m also pretty darn happy to never have to use the word fiancé again! (SO SNOOTY!)