Let's Fly A SeaPlane to Tahoe (via Blackbird Air)

Not a secret that we spend quite a bit of time in Lake Tahoe. We love it.

The biggest pain in the ass is all the strategy that goes into GETTING THERE. Seriously - if you don't leave by like 9am, you hit crazy traffic - Bay Area, Sacramento, heaven forbid there's an accident (or 12) in Davis and Vacaville to slow you down even further. 

Then it's like make sure you've got a full tank of gas, snacks packed for the 4+ hour trek you're about to make, playlist loaded, etc, etc. Let's not forget the 3+ bathroom stops because I drink water like a goddamn camel.



We've been so curious about the seaplanes that do tours of the SF Bay and leave from Sausalito. So after Googling one night, we saw that Blackbird Air now offers a 75-minute FLIGHT from Sausalito to Lake Tahoe VIA SEAPLANE. 

No BS.

Here's how it works.

  • You download the app.
  • Create a profile.
  • Pick your locations (currently it's just Sausalito --> Tahoe) but you can also go Palo Alto to Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, New York to the Hamptons, etc. 
  • Pick your dates (further out you book, and on off-days the cheaper it is)

Then you show up 15-20 minutes before take-off, with 15lbs or less of luggage. Board.



75 minutes later you literally land ON LAKE TAHOE.

A Zodiac boat takes you to shore in Tahoe City and you're like thisclose to Jakes on the Lake for beers and truffle fries. Which totally beats airport food. 

It was EPIC.

In Flight:

  • You're at about 7500-10K feet the entire time so you have cell service, you can use a hot-spot for WiFi and actually get work done if that's your thing
  • Noice-cancelling headphones are provided with microphones
  • The incredibly informed pilots let you know exactly what you're flying over and juicy little tid-bits and fun facts. 
  • Since you aren't flying crazy high, you never get the ears popping, "I need gum, NOW" feeling
  • You can talk to other passengers with your headphones on
  • The ride and landing is incredibly smooth. Smoother than most commercial flights.

The take off is one of the most gorgeous views I've ever seen of the San Francisco Bay but the descent ON to Lake Tahoe?


Seriously. Hands down one of the coolest things we've done in a while. And we arrived in Tahoe refreshed, not stressed out, and ready to weekend.

Want to take flight? Use code PL7TW for $25 off your first one!