Run Run Run


Since we last "chatted", boyfriend and I have been to Vietnam and back, Tahoe a time or two, and balancing everything from work to workouts to life in general.

Vietnam was amazing and frankly, deserves it's own post, which will be coming, trust me. Or a series of posts. We hit the city, the beach, an ancient town... and more beach. Because we're beach people. What'd you expect?

On the "me" front, I've been working my tail off base-building my mileage and training for the Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon - happening 30 days FROM TODAY. I literally can't tell you the last time I went into a race trained and prepared. I kid you not, maybe 2013? It's been a bit. 

I spent January - March building up my running base again. I ran, I SoulCycled, I swam, I hit the gym, I ran some more. It was hard. (<--Pity Party for 1).

When you don't run, you unsurprisingly, lose running fitness and endurance. The muscles you use to run, aren't in use and ergo... need a little time to come back to full force. 

So I consulted a team of professionals at The Bay Club through their Endurance Training Center, Breakaway Performance. Trainer Dave and Coach JD analyzed my running gait (heel striker and pitch-my-body-backward no more), gave me drills to do several times a week (high knees, butt-kickers, karaokes, combinations of the three) and a training plan that included:

  • Running (clearly)
  • Neuromuscular Strength Exercises (when your nerves and muscles work together in compound strength exercises which involve more muscle groups and in a format which involves slower movements, more control and focus)
  • Cross-training (I see you SoulCycle)
  • Ample rest.

It was ROUGH at first. I didn't feel like the runner I once was. That's a TOUGH pill to swallow. I had those dark and twisty thoughts that asked if a full marathon was even possible. My paces were abysmal. I got discouraged but I kept at it. I know what it feels like to be out of running shape and I detest it as much as I love when a run feels effortless.

I would come out the other side, stronger, leaner and faster than before.

This week, it all finally clicked. My long run has hit 10 miles, my paces have dipped below 9:00, and I'm able to hold my form for longer and with less fatigue.

Which I'll need because I've got BIG plans this upcoming race season.

Ya ready?

Happy running (training, swimming, biking, etc)!