Miss Me?

So let's first address the metaphorical elephant in the room: I have a new site. Welcome.


June 29. That is the last time I "created content". Or, you know, blogged. 

I won't stand on my metaphorical soapbox and tell you that, "well life has just been crazy busy and blah blah blah", because frankly, it hasn't been that I've been too busy to blog.

I just didn't want to.


I was in Tahoe for a week over the 4th of July. It was everything. Swimming in the lake, sunning (SO TAN), grilling, sleeping in, eating 4,384 bowls of popcorn and just vacationing. 

Then I came back and... had other stuff to do. Then went back to Tahoe. And hiked and stand-up-paddle boarded. That was fun. I couldn't feel my arms for like 3 days. I also "raced" every other SUP-er. They were unaware this competition was happening.

And now I'm here. 

Usually it would stress me out to not be on top of things. To "let things slide". 

But I've been doing yoga and I'm like completely zen and stuff now you guys.

I've also kept silent about doing said yoga (for the most part - the same cannot be said for what I caption Instagram photos with).

Long story short? I'M SO INTO IT. Specifically CorePower and Equinox classes (because, membership). I've been going 3-4x a week (when I can after work and on weekend). Ok honestly I really just go to whatever class happens to be starting within 5 minutes of me arriving at the gym. Which is usually yoga. Gyms apparently have a lot of yoga classes if you've ever wondered.

Am I good at yoga? I feel like that's a trick question and you're not allowed to be good at yoga? I can't do a tri-pod head (or is it hand?) stand yet so I deem myself crappy at yoga. But I feel myself getting stronger and more bendy every single day, so progress?


But it makes me feel good. It keeps me super blissed out practically at all times and nothing gets to me anymore. Anytime I'm all stressed out I just like take a deep yoga breath. Or forward fold or something at the office. (Joking, I'm not that person - YET.)

It also keeps my muscles long and toned. I can touch the ground with flat hands in a forward fold. I'm pretty sure I saw an ab yesterday. TBD.

Also it's a really nice way to unwind after a long day at work. And let the day melt away.


On the cardio front? I'm a geriatric and I walk a lot. A lot a lot. Most mornings. Evenings too. I now have walking friends.

"Friends" may be a bit of a stretch because they've done nothing to acknowledge back my "OMG 2 BLACK LABS GUY!" "HI VEST LADY!" but warily nod in my general direction/look generally concerned.


So yoga. Walking. I did a Cardio Kickboxing class the other day and I was literally the only one in the class who didn't know the routine perfectly. I was like Taylor Swift dancing at the awards shows when she looks so awkward you're embarrassed for her. But it was so fun and I got so sweaty and now I just want to be good at it.  

The whole lower-impact exercising thing is also enjoyable because you don't want to to eat your arm off at all times throughout the day. Satiety. It exists. Who knew?

Also I'm "running" a 1/2 Marathon in Vancouver (SEAWHEEZE YAAAS) with some real cool chicks in like 4 days.

That'll be fun. (Aside from the running part.)

More updates to come. On a regular cadence. I promise (ish).

Go drink a juice or eat a salad. I'll be back soon.