Last night Juicero changed my life

Alriiiiight it was actually a month or so ago that it happened.

I'm of the minority that thinks Gwyneth Paltrow is everything. EVERYTHING.

I know that the majority of the population doesn't share this opinion, and that's fine. But I read Goop. I buy her cookbooks. I want to wear everything she wears. I want to eat everything she eats (and I often do eat the $200 MoonJuice smoothie (hashtag sponsored product) and it's amazing and no wonder her skin is so damn perfect). I too want to be best friends with Beyonce.

So when I saw Goop's post on Juicero, I was obviously intrigued.

What is it?

Juicero is a gorgeous (seriously) juicer that fits onto your kitchen counter and looks like a product that Apple would make. It gives you cold-pressed juice instantly, and with no mess and is so smart. Like genius level IQ. It sends you push notifications after you press a juice to ask how you liked it. Technology man.

I'm an avid juice drinker (blah blah blah it has sugar in it blah blah blah - better than the cookie I could be eating) and I own a regular juicer that I've used less than 10 times in like 5 years because

1) mess

2) my juices always taste like a swamp because clearly, smoothies are my thing and the professionals should stick to the juice.

Keepin' it real.

Juicero packages locally sourced, triple-washed, pre-chopped organic produce in ready-to-use packs, which come with all the ingredients needed to make an 8-ounce juice. The packs, which last about a week in the fridge, can be ordered online or through their app (TECHNOLOGY) and are then delivered to you.

Each pack fits neatly into the machine, which uses four tons of power to press the vegetables into juice in about a minute. Even cooler? The machine hooks up to Wifi and essentially "knows" you. If your pack is expired, it won't press it into juice and it'll send you a push notification to like not try to consume expired produce. SO SMART. They also have their own QR code so you can track your product back to the farms it came from.

When Juicero (I lovingly refer to it as, "J") is finished making your juice, the flattened pack (Juicero is working toward fully compostable packaging ASAP) can be used for other things, like JUICE PULP MUFFINS (click-thru the photo for the recipe). Edit: Rather than the kale, apple and carrot just use your Juicero pulp - and top with some Coconut Butter, amazing.

But really the muffins are a thing. Normally I'd be anti, but the more greens I can get, the better. Also the more greens I consume the more I can justify tacos and pizzas, sooooooo you get the idea.

But in the spirit of full transparency, the juice is delicious and I've taken to making one either first thing in the morning (let's be real I still need my coffee it's just post-juice) or after yoga in the evenings. J has single-handedly prevented me from downing my usual bag of chips and tub of hummus every night. FO REAL. So there's that. I also like that it's 1) beyond fresh and 2) I can make it myself (and the ones with jalapeno? Tangy and delicious!)

I personally can't wait until they figure out how to do exactly this... but also with almond milk.

Also I'm like one step closer to becoming besties with Gwyneth.

(Okay FINE - full disclosure they're expensive so maybe start with petitioning your office to invest in one. I feel like every tech, fitness and startup should have one. EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY.)

Want a Juicero? Start here.