Real World : Big Sur

After a weekend spent in Big Sur - it's real tough to get back to reality. 

(Not so tough to get back to my bed and shower, but tough nonetheless.)

Sidebar: I panicked and thought it would rain all weekend long so I bought the most legit Northface Boots, rain pants, a Marmot waterproof cap, and like 17 hand warmers. (Spoiler alert: it rained for 20 minutes and that was it. I kept all the goods.)

For the... 5th year running now, we've rounded up a group of ~16 friends and headed down the coast to Kirk Creek Campground. It's situated high on a bluff, you listen to the oceans crash as you fall asleep, there are whales jumping everywhere, we bring a lot of food and wine and Patagonia layers and generally have the best time.

Fun Fact: I took this photo with a self-timer and well, essentially I'm the next Ansel Adams. I know.

I was my normal high maintenance self and brought green juices, cold-brew, vegan burgers, sushi, and a salad. Oh also Kombucha. And dried mango. Perfect Bars. Justin's Almond Butter. I AM SO LOW-KEY AND FLEXIBLE.

What'd we do? Well as we (okay fine, the boys) set up the tents, we poured ourselves greyhounds and inhaled Coconut Oil Popcorn and Chips (truth). Then we (boys) set up a raging campfire and grilled dinner. Lots of relaxing ensued. 

Did you know that when camping there is absolutely no need to sleep on the ground? Air mattress in the tent friends. Always. There is no other way. Also eye mask. I slept until 9am. Not even the scavenging raccoons or our friend snoring two tents over could ruin this for me.

Breakfast? Scrambled eggs, salsa, French Press coffee. 

Hike to the beach - watch the whales, relax, eat more. Greyhounds. Repeat.

Campfire, hide out the 20 minutes of rain, nap, trail mix, grill dinner, campfire.

Basically the best weekend ever. Also the most Northern California.

Also our friends brought their dog. We're getting a dog. Boyfriend isn't aware of this yet so let's just keep that between us.

All in all? The best weekend. I look forward to it every year. 

363 days until Round 6.