Vacation Your Way Healthy (And Not Break the Bank!)

Exactly 2 weeks ago today, I was in Hawaii. Toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold drink in my hand. All of that good stuff.

Toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold drink in my hand. All of that good stuff.


I have this thing for fresh coconut water.

All of that good stuff.

Today I am not there, but you should be. Or in the midst of planning a way to be there. Because really, it's the best place in the world. (Especially if you live in California and airfare is cheap and flights are short!)

The whole planning a vacation thing though? Can be stressful. There is so much to take into account: flights, accommodations, food, things to do... the list can get never-ending. So can the money spent. And no one's got time for that.

So you want to plan your vacation, keep your budget in check, and come back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and maybe a bit healthier than when you left?

You guys, we're so on the same page right now.

  • Forgo the hotel and book via VRBO and AirBnb. We book vacation rentals on 90% of our vacations.

The only time we don't is if booking a hotel gets us access to something - a private beach, amenities we wouldn't get elsewhere, etc. This time around, we stayed at Chun's Reef on Oahu's North Shore. It's a stunning property with 3 rentals - the main house, a beachfront bungalow and a cozy studio. We went for the bungalow and it's literally ON the beach. The waves at one point splashed me while I was sitting on the patio sitting my coffee. You've got access to a mostly private beach (perfect for morning runs!), a great kitchen to cook in, a beautiful patio, laundry, a private hot-tub, BBQs, the works. There's also a FULL shed full of chairs, umbrellas, snorkel gear, paddle boards, boogie boards and kayaks. JACKPOT. I can't say enough good things about it.



  • Cook your own food.

Like yes, eating on vacation is part of the fun, but it doesn't have to be for every meal. You'll save calories, money and a lot of stress by cooking your own food. Staying in a place that has a kitchen? Great - stock up on eggs, toast, avocado, cereal, almond milk, etc for breakfast. Make sandwiches or wraps to take to the beach with you. Have chips/veggies and hummus to snack on. In a hotel? Stock your mini fridge with yogurt, fruit, granola. Your hotel will offer the same options but for like $22.

  • No Gym? No Problem.

One of my favorite ways to explore a new city or destination is to run through it. I've run through Paris and London and along the beaches in Thailand, Bali and Singapore. Just because SoulCycle or Bar Method may not be in those locations doesn't mean it's an excuse to slack off on your fitness routine. You're on vacation! You've got TIME. Download the Nike Training Club app and put yourself through a 15, 30 or 45 minute workout. Grab a travel card at your local Bar Method studio or download an online workout. Run the beach. In a hotel? Hit the gym or take advantage of a class you haven't done before. Go stand-up paddle boarding or snorkeling. Take a long walk. Go for a hike. Like the Lanikai Pillbox Hike.


  • SPF Is Your Friend

Want to come back feeling healthier and looking amazing? Slather on the sunscreen. SERIOUSLY. I go through about a bottle of SPF 30 on any given week-long vacation and I never burn and always tan. And this skin is PALE y'all. I love Coola or SunBum brands the best.

  • Take Advantage of Local Specialties

Acai Bowls in Hawaii (nothing beats a Haleiwa Bowl), Farmer's Markets (Waimea Valley's is amazing) and local food stands or stores. Local food is often the freshest and the cheapest. Poke bowls are chock full of protein, whole grains (brown rice), and veggies. Fill up on the good stuff.

With that, I'm ready to go back to the islands.


Tell me: Tips for traveling healthy on a budget?