Friday Faves - Volume OMG It's MARCH

And just like that it's Friday again.

I started my morning with a Barry's Bootcamp class and immediately grabbed the largest coffee Peets would make me and came home to inhale breakfast. (Which, if you're wondering was oats that I prepped last night in an almost empty (technically it was a "kind of empty") Peanut Butter jar.


Quick and Dirty Overnight Oats

1/2c Quick Cooking Oats

1c unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1T chia seeds

1t cinnamon

Vanilla Powder

Sea Salt

"Kind of empty" PB Jar (Or just a bowl/jar)

Shook it all up, let it sit over night then added a sliced banana and some cacao nibs and (more) cinnamon.

Hit. The. Spot.


It's been about ~3 weeks of Barry's 3-4x a week and I'm already seeing such a huge difference in my fitness levels. Also my soreness levels. Which makes next week both terrifying and exciting.

Missed any posts this week? Good news, there was only one. But it was a doozy.

Barry's Bootcamp March Academy - we're doing this.

Starts next week - you in?

This weekend we've got some good stuff on the calendar - sleeping in, eating, relaxing, wine, and a concert. Just the way I like it. Also it's supposed to be all kinds of rainy all weekend/week. Perfect relaxing weather.

With that, let's just into this week's Friday Faves!



  • Leo finally won his Oscar. Finally. And nailed his acceptance speech.
  • I'm not at all into the curated boxes you can subscribe to each month. But this Adidas Avenue A one? May make me change my tune. The items in each box are curated by fitness gurus and you get a package of three to five curated items which could include footwear, apparel and accessory items—delivered to your door four times a year, for $150 a box. (Considering that a pair of Adidas shoes alone typically runs more than $100, it’s a serious steal.)
  • Breaking my skinny jeans habit. Ugh. Same same. Girlfriend jeans FTW. (These being my favorite.)
  • Did you know Ellie Goulding is one of my Top 5 Favorite Humans on the planet? (The others being Jennifer Garner, Kate Middleton, Emily Blunt, Kevin Hart and Taylor Swift in no particular order.) Ellie KILLS IT in the gym. And life. Check out her latest ab move.


All I got - go forth and conquer that weekend.