Friday Faves - Volume: I Actually Remembered

It's Friday. And I actually wrote a Friday Faves. Let's hope for more Friday's like this yes?

We're up in Tahoe and it's currently... DUMPING snow. 22" in 24 hours. Squaw was legit closed all day because of wind and avalanches. 1 lift opened at 1:30pm. It was cold. And it was windy. And as such I was wearing 117 layers. I digress.


  • Barry's Bootcamp released The Biggest Barry's Myths You Need to Stop Believing. I just did 5 days of Barry's in a row. (Got something fun coming' at ya in March!) I will attest that you: do not have to be a runner (I am, but you don't have to be, you will never get yelled at, it's not scary, you won't get bulky (quite the contrary, you'll lean out!), and people are not cliquey and judges. They're actually incredibly warm, friendly and welcoming. So is the smoothie bar.
  • Ashley and her husband Bo are in Tahoe with us for a ski weekend and Bo happens to be the most insane cook. And he made us the Roast Chicken from Thomas Keller's Bouchon cookbook. And I about lost my mind. It's SO GOOD. I will never again eat chicken unless it's cooked the Thomas Keller way.
  • Always wanted to sound like a wine expert but then you're left like "Uhhh these tannins taste especially earthy and jammy today"? Fear not. Common Wine Phrases and How To Use Them. Just pour me a glass of Cab please.
  • Speaking of wine (yesterday was National Wine Day after all) - a breakdown of different wines and their calorie/carb counts. What we've learned from this: We all need more bubbly in our lives.
  • Almond Butter is a desert island food for me. My amazing friend Cassie wrote up 11 Healthy Almond Recipes for National Almond Day (which was Tuesday - never too late to celebrate a day as momentous as that.)

PS- Boyfriend is brilliant and has finagled a Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter HACK. Trader Joe's Creamy Almond Butter + Neilsen-Massey Vanilla Bean Powder. Stir. DEVOUR. Save $13. 

  • Shonda Rhimes created most of my favorite shows. (Yes, I still watch Grey's Anatomy.) She also wrote a book I can't put down. (Year of Yes.) And now she has a Ted Talk. OF COURSE. And it's riveting. And inspiring.
  • The Tight Stuff Tight from lululemon are the greatest running/HIIT/training tights you will ever wear. Ever. And they make your behind look amazing. I want them in every color. Including the below print. Also they're reflective. Did I mention how good they make your butt look? I may or may not have also purchased the Enhearten Tank to go with it. Whoops. I mean we need something to show off that back work at Barry's do we not?


Lastly - want to run the SF Marathon or either of the 1/2 Marathons? Or the 5K? Or get aggressive and do the Ultra?

Got you covered with a discount code.


Have a great weekend friends! Run, SoulCycle, Barry's, Yoga, Barre, Hike... just get sweaty.

And then be balanced. And have a glass of wine. Or bubbles.