Friday Faves: Volume: Happy New Year

So how did the first week of 2016 go?

Did you set some goals for the year?

Eat pizza? 

Get sweaty? Thus far this week I've hit Barry's Bootcamp, SoulCycle and Bar Method - an outdoor run would be ideal (big 1/2 marathon plans this year) but with El Nino pounding us with rain all week long, I'm not sure it's going to happen. I remain hopeful. If not for anything else but to wear my new running beanie.


Anyway, it's that time again. Friday Faves. Week 1 of 2016. Get ready for like 52 more of these (leap year, remember?)

My plans this weekend? A whole lot of nothing. Sleeping, relaxing, some sweat, delicious food, and watching movies. All the makings of a lazy, winter weekend. End goal would be to kick this cold I'm battling. I'm nothing if not goal-oriented.

So let's do this.

First - my two favorite videos from this week:

The Nice: Taylor Swift killing it as usual and performing an acoustic version of Blank Space . "In the last couple of years the media has had a really wonderful fixation on kind of painting me as this psycho serial dater girl. It's been awesome. I loved it. It was really fun for me."

The Hilarious: Tatum take-over on Lip Sync Battle. THIS IS EVERYTHING. Jenna dances to Pony and Channing... nails it as Beyonce. Please watch. And cry laughing. I've watched it like 11 times already.



  • Adele's gym photo is exactly how I look while in the gym. And how I would look if I had someone taking photographs of me in the gym.
  • I love Cait's blog, and I love this post about her plans for 2016. Something we could all weave into our year.
  • I've been lucky enough to get to know Hallie in-person, take her SoulCycle class (Chicago, she's killing it - sign up ASAP), and keep in touch via social media. Her blog is a WEALTH of information, knowledge, entertainment, and just honest and genuine content. If this isn't a regular read for you, please make it one. ASAP.

With that - have a wonderful weekend!