Friday Faves - Version When Will The Rain Stop?

It's FRIDAY. It's also been raining for like... ever at this point. I've stopped even remotely trying with my hair. Top knot it is. Forever.

In GREAT news, I've officially completed the Barry's Bootcamp March Academy WEEK 1. 5 classes, 5 days. 15 to go.

Ready to take on the weekend, relax, sleep in, GSD, maybe go to yoga (only out of necessity) and enjoy the next 2 days stress-free. Oh and also finish House of Cards. 1 episode to go!

Other plans involve drinking red wine and eating homemade pizza. In yoga pants. On the couch. Just me or did we turn 30 and that became the best thing ever? (Full disclosure I thought it was the best thing ever at like 27 too.) #oldlady




All I got - weekend time!