Friday Faves : Barry's Bootcamp Edition

I actually can't believe I'm 6 Barry's Bootcamp classes from being finished with my 5x a week Academy.

It all finally clicked yesterday on Class #14. I felt like a freaking ROCKSTAR. But more to come on that in my Week 3 recap on Monday.

Today I thought it'd be fun to do a different take on Friday Faves : Barry's Bootcamp edition. You know because I've been eating, sleeping and breathing Barry's for the last 3 weeks.

Also because the rain finally stopped, the sun came out, my seasonal affective disorder has magically cleared itself up and it's FRIDAY.

Let's do this.

Also the above photos are from my FIRST EVER Barry's class in June of 2014. I thought I was dying. Then Shauna Harrison challenged Steph and I to do like a billion burpees in a minute to win a 10-pack. OF COURSE WE DID IT.

Favorite Barry's Bootcamp Studio: San Francisco Marina studio. It's HUGE. There's so much space, the locker rooms are beyond spacious and stocked. I love it there. I've been to San Francisco SOMA, Miami, and a studio in NYC and the Marina studio forever remains my favorite.

Favorite Barry's Smoothie: Blueberry Cobbler (sub: Rice Protein). PB&J (sub: Rice Protein) comes in at a VERY close second.

Favorite Barry's Day: Full Body - I love the variety. Also the best class to double floor in my opinion.

Favorite Barry's Song: "Right Above It" by Lil Wayne - if anything can get me through an endurance run it's the theme song from HBO's Ballers. But seriously.

Favorite Barry's Move: I shamelessly love gliders on the bench on Abs or Butt and Legs Day. I mean I hate it, but it works.

Favorite Barry's Instructor: So many good ones. But I find myself going back to Alvin, Brian, Erica and Vanessa time and time again. (MORE MARINA CLASSES PLEASE.)

Favorite Articles of Clothing to Wear to Barry's: lululemon Tight Stuff Tights, Nike Indy Bralululemon Salute the Sun Tank (tied at the waist - always.)

Favorite Way to Refuel (aside from the Fuel Bar): Roam Burger. No brainer. Burger with caramelized onions, avocado, egg + GF bun and sweet potato fries.

Healthiest Way to Refuel (aside from the Fuel Bar): BlueBarn Spring Salad + Rooster Chicken (it's the chicken they put on sandwiches and it's grilled - not poached like the normal salad chicken. Trust me on this.)

With that - I'm off to finish the workday and get myself to my 15th class tonight!

Happy Weekending!