Barry's Academy - Week 2

Wait seriously - I'm HALFWAY DONE. (Sike, I'm more than half-way done since I forgot to hit publish on this and it's now Monday afternoon/evening.

10 classes down, 10 classes to go. (Technically 9.)

Last week was definitely a struggle. I was prepared for this - I knew it would happen. Working out at that intensity on a daily basis? It's freaking hard. On your body, mentally, emotionally, all of it. Also for better or for worse, I can't take 2 rest days in a row (is there a restless body syndrome? I think I have it...) so I've been working out on Sundays (SoulCycle or a run). So there's that.

Also- SPOILER ALERT: I didn't go to yoga last week. I um, foam rolled? Once? DON'T JUDGE ME.

Let's jump right into what last week looked like.

Also - the PB&J smoothie is now up there with the Blueberry Cobbler in terms of best smoothie ever created. I sub Rice Protein.

It's like really good.

Monday - Arms & Abs - Nichole

Monday was a STRUGGLE. I'll be honest. I had gone to SoulCycle the evening before and I woke up bright and early Monday with heavy legs, very little in the tank, and I felt like I was straight up failing the entire class. Did not want to be there. Or anywhere. Except maybe in my bed. Or on a beach. BUT - before I knew it the 55 minutes were over and I was ready to take on the week. (And um, get in bed real early that night.)

Tuesday - Butt & Legs - Alvin

I try to take Alvin's Butt & Legs class whenever I can and meet my dear friend Steph (take her SoulCycle class) there where she powers through double floor (WHY?) and I ruin myself on the treadmill and floor. I even sacrificed my beloved AM class for this PM class. This class was everything I wanted it to be, I felt much better than the day before, and I was spent when the class ended. The only thing I hate about PM classes? It's suddenly like 7pm and I'm AMPED UP and ready to party (on the couch... and watch a Netflix marathon) until like midnight. Which doesn't bode well for the next day. Give me an AM class and I'm like a sleeping child by 10pm.

Wednesday - Chest, Back & Abs - Alvin

2 classes in 14 hours? OKAY. I randomly really like this day - maybe because I'd never do chest or back work on my own, maybe because my legs are so dead from the day before that anything else feels a lot easier? Maybe because it's officially the middle of the week and it's all downhill from there? No idea, but I love this class, and I love Alvin for teaching it. I also love that all of my friends usually show up for this one. #SQUAD (Yes, yes I did just do that.)

Thursday - Abs - Chris

Hadn't ever taken Chris's class before. Abs day has become my least favorite day (ugh, repetitive and hard) and I knew I was thisclose to being halfway done with Academy and done with the week in general. Also Thursday was depressing because Arizona got killed by Wichita State (Wildcat FOR LIFE) and it was depressing. That said, solid class to lead into Friday with.

Friday - Full Body - Tommy

My favorite Friday instructor (Brian) decided to go skiing in Europe or some BS like that, but I'll instead focus on the positive and say that after a very late Thursday night (involving a basketball injury for my other half), I woke up for my Friday AM class absolutely exhausted, sore, and with zero interest in like anything but a breakfast burrito. I briefly considered double-flooring I was that tired. Then I realized I hate weights and the treadmill is my jam and WTF Kristine just take a nap or something. (And I skipped the breakfast burrito for omgsohealthy a smoothie.)


Saturday - Rest

I slept 10 hours on Friday night, woke up at 10am Saturday, immediately had Nourish Cafe's Acai Bowl delivered to my door and boyfriend and I watched basketball all day long. It was glorious. I barely moved. Then I ate all the sushi and drank all the wine in the Marina with my girlfriends.


Sunday - 5 Mile Run

Time to put the last 2 weeks to the test, and no joke, I haven't hit paces like this in YEARS. 5 miles (3 @ 8:34, 2 @ 8:20). I was freaking out. Especially because I was real um, dehydrated and tired, after the night before's festivities.

Key Takeaways:

  • SLEEP is key - when I don't get enough of it, my entire life suffers
  • I LOVE BARRY'S. The endorphins from this AM have worn off. As much as I may (sarcastically) complain about not wanting to go each day - the truth is I really enjoy it. I was an athlete my entire life (soccer/swimteam) and I love feeling like one again. I love hitting those faster and faster paces. I love feeling strong. And I love having a "team" (surpriiiiiise you're all my new friends) to do it with. I'm like the most Type-A/competitive-with-myself person alive and this type of class/workout plays into my personality perfectly.
  • Yoga did not happen this week. I have no desire to make it happen aside from that fact that I know I should. But I don't want to go. So instead I stretched - like a lot.
  • I feel like quality wise my eats are on point - quantity wise, I'm workin' on that for this week. It's like marathon hunger up in here y'all. CONSTANT. Must have snacks on me at all times.
  • I need new running shoes.