Barry's Academy - Week 3 Recap

Holy WHOA it’s Week 4. Like I don’t even believe it. I also can’t believe the weekend is already finito and it’s Monday evening. WHY. Remember when it was Sunday morning? Yeah me too. Happier times.

Also happy times? When I got Thistle delivered to me today for lunch via Caviar Fast Bite. (<– use the link and get $5 off your first delivery). I literally don’t think I could survive without on-demand food delivery. I really don’t. How else would I get my bougey vegan salads delivered to my desk within 10 minutes? HOW.


You know what Week 4 means?

5 more classes and this 5x a week March Academy is O-V-E-R.

A lot happened in Week 3.

Like a lot a lot.

What else happened? I made friends with a pony on Union St during the Easter Festival. (In all fairness we were just walking to get acai bowls at Earthbar and then fate brought Peanut into my life and we’re best friends and I love him.)

So let’s just get right to it, mmmmk?

Monday – Arms & Abs – Nichole

For whatever reason this class literally kills me. Every week. Maybe because it’s first thing on a Monday? I don’t know but it’s so challenging. The runs, the floor, all of it. I grabbed a Blueberry Cobbler afterwards and called it a day.

Tuesday – Butt & Legs – Vanessa

Oh yes, the day we had to do glider lunges. Not familiar? Pretend you’re on a Pilates reformer doing lunges. Only you’re on your towel and your bench is flipped over and it’s 1,000x harder because there are no springs with weights attached. Oh and you’re holding dumbbells. It’s a real treat at 7am.

Wednesday – Chest, Back and Abs – Chris

We had a sub this week, it was Wednesday, I was tired, and really craving breakfast. That said, I powered through.

Thursday – Abs – Brian

OH HAPPY DAY. On a whim, I decided to go for the 6:40pm class. Brian is one of my favorite instructors and abs day is my least favorite day, so I was hoping the two would cancel each other out. I was also nervous to take a class that late in the evening since I’ve always prided myself on being an early AM exerciser.

I’d been told all throughout the last few weeks that everything would just “click” during this Academy challenge and I’d feel like a total rockstar.

THURSDAY WAS THAT DAY. I nailed the runs, hit all the middle-to-high paces, and my sprints were 11.0’s. I felt like I was on fire. En fuego. You get where I’m going with this.

And then I fell asleep on the couch at like 9:27pm.

Friday – Full Body – Brian

After I dragged my brother to quite possibly the hardest Barry’s class ever (Alvin’s Butt + Legs) a few weeks ago, I convinced him to come back and take a Fully Body class. He was signed up for Double Floor. I was not. Then I magically was after being convinced to try it out. Aside from the fact that I couldn’t move upon waking up the next day, I have nothing but positive things to say about my first DF experience. So positive that I’m signed up for 2 DF classes this week – Tuesday and Friday. (Unfamiliar? Double Floor means you stay with the weights on the floor for the entirety of class and don’t transition to and from the treadmill. Multiple instructors have given me the advice that it’s actually better for you to DF 1-2x a week when you’re attending class 5+ times.) 

Saturday – SoulCycle

Obviously. Need to dance it out on a bike at least once a week. You feel me?

Sunday – Rest

…and eat all the Easter goodies. Everything in moderation friends, everything.

And with that – it’s Week 4! 5 classes stand between me and finishing this Academy.